Bunny lines are the diagonal lines that appear on both sides of the nose, below the bridge, when the person smiles or laughs. They are called bunny lines since they are similar to a pair of rabbit whiskers or ears. Like crow’s feet, bunny lines appear when a person does any facial expressions, and with age, they develop to form fine lines that show up even when the face is relaxed. Bunny lines also appear after some days of Xeomin treatment. You can reduce bunny lines with more conventional methods like anti-aging skin products and plenty of daily sleep. But if they are too annoying, you can opt for bunny line removal from an experienced and genuine medical spa like After Glow aesthetics & wellness in Tampa, FL.

What causes bunny lines?


There are two main reasons for appearance bunny lines:


Expressions are formed in the face due to the involved muscles. The skin is flexible and bounces back easily when you are young. But as you get older, skin loses its firmness and causes wrinkles, sagging, and fine lines. As there is a repetitive facial movement, you can see the appearance of fine lines over those areas. As you get older, there is more work on that part of the face, and more likely you are to develop lines.


Even Xeomin or Dysport can cause the appearance of Bunny lines. They work by relaxing the target muscles in the face. When some of the muscle movements are restricted, other surrounding muscles work more to compensate them. When such a thing happens, the resulting expression becomes unnatural and results in the formation of fine lines. Thus, if you have Xeomin, especially for a longer period, it could lead to the formation of Bunny lines. Therefore, it is essential to associate with an experienced medical practitioner who has a thorough knowledge of the procedure.

How to get rid of bunny lines:

Ideally, the best way to treat the bunny lines is with Xeomin Or Dysport. A skillful advanced practice provider will cautiously plan the treatment depending on your needs and type of lines.

Dysport vs. Xeomin vs. Botox

Dysport, Botox and Xeomin are neurotoxins that block muscle contractions. Both these injections are employed to treat contractions caused by issues of the nervous system but are widely used to treat facial wrinkles and lines. They’re all derived from botulinum toxins that are carefully used in small amounts for treatment. This is done as a non-invasive procedure and has gained popularity due to its minimal downtime and swift recovery rates. Still, they have to be done by therapists who know the in and out of the procedure.

Dysport and Xeomin are inhibitors that halt the regular muscle movements which generate expression lines. Botulinum toxin is employed to weaken the included muscles and curtail dynamic lines. Both Dysport and Xeomin are injected straight into the target muscle, touching only lines caused by muscle contractions.

It is performed similarly to the initial Dysport or Xeomin treatment which was carried out to eliminate wrinkles. But here, the injection is done on both sides of the nose, targeting the fine lines. Initial treatment will soften the lines, and the following treatments will gradually eliminate them, resulting in a firm and young appearance.

Major differences between Dysport, Xeomin and Botox are:

  • Some researchers say that Dysport results may not last as long as Xeomin does. But it is still being studied on a large scale.
  • The onset period for Dysport is much quicker, i.e., 2-5 days, whereas Botox and Xeomin takes 7-14 days.
  • Dysport can spread to a larger area which could be an advantage in some cases and a disadvantage in others.
  • The amount of Dysport needed for treatment is more when compared to getting the same result as Botox and Xeomin.

As bunny lines become more prominent, many individuals are looking for this kind of treatment. Many people worldwide are opting to have Xeomin treatment for solving bunny lines issues after their session of Xeomin around the eyes, forehead, and cheek regions. Bunny lines that are caused after Xeomin treatment for other issues can be more prominent.


After all the discussions on desired outcomes and designing perfect treatment types, regular treatment is started. This is similar to the normal Botox procedure and will last the same time. A specialized medical practitioner will clean the target area and apply numbing cream or ice packs to avoid irritation during the injection procedure. The medical therapist will inject on the bunny lines of the nose on both sides.

If both Xeomin or Dysport procedures are not done properly, they can give bad results. Hence, instead of focusing on which product to use, if you choose an efficient therapist, they will carefully handle the complete treatment. The target area differs from person to person; hence it is crucial to have detailed research before commencing the treatment. It would be best to remember that the injecting technique is much more important than worrying about the product.

How long do the results last from Bunny Line Treatment?

Bunny nose Xeomin treatment has an immediate recovery period, and the rest is advised for only six to eight hours. The result would last for around three to four months after the first treatment. After some treatments, the bunny lines will ease, and even the results will stay for long. Generally, Xeomin is a safe treatment, and most people don’t experience any serious complications except minor bruising, swelling, or itching will vanish within 48 hours.

Bottom line:

It is very crucial to have this treatment in a genuine and experienced aesthetic center that is professional in service. It will make you sure about the safety and efficiency of the procedure.


Earlobe Fillers are becoming very popular.

Earlobe Fillers are becoming very popular. Many factors like wearing heavy earrings, constant exposure to the sun, and neglecting skin issues could put a lot of strain on your earlobes. Have you had a close look at your earlobes lately? They may be fresh and plump earlier, but you could observe some thinning and dropping with aging and other factors. Without your attention, your earlobes could already have hanging lobes that are very thin and appear to break anytime. The reason this happens is due to the natural loss of elasticity and collagen. While some may feel that this is a natural aging process and allow the lobes to hang freely, many will want to go back to a fresh and youthful appearance. Modern advancements in treatments like those offered at After Glow aesthetic & wellness in Tampa have developed an effective solution of earlobe fillers to correct the earlobe issues.


What are Earlobe fillers? Do they work?

They are Hyaluronic acid fillers that are injected into the earlobe using a tiny needle. This aids in filling up collapsed or saggy earlobes and smoothing fine lines created with the loss of collagen and elastin. So why do earlobe fillers have hyaluronic acid in them? Because hyaluronic acid is a key component in your skin and retains over 1000 times its weight in water. This is important and needed to help support collagen and elastin. It will also help in evening out the earlobe skin and create a younger look to the ears. Many women love to wear various fancy earrings, but face stretched piercing holes after some years of usage. These fillers help to make the holes smaller and give a younger look. Earlobe filler’s results will last up to one year, and earrings can be worn without any issues after the treatment. The results last longer because there is no active muscle movement as in the face. Filler treatment in active muscle movement areas of the face causes quick degradation of substances compared to the ear that will last double the time. Experienced skin specialists can design a personalized program that may help treat all skin issues and filler treatment. Even chemical peeling is recommended along with these filler treatments to provide more youthful skin. Once there are signs of a decrease in results, these fillers can be injected again. There could be some slight swelling, redness, or bruising in the treated area after the treatment, but it will fade away after a couple of days.

Who are the right candidates for this procedure?

If you observe your skin showing signs of aging due to a lack of collagen, then using earlobe fillers may be a great option for you. This is most common for women in their 40s particularly if they enjoy wearing large-sized earrings for longer periods of time, but could also be seen in the younger generation who are much exposed to sunlight. Any person with wrinkled and large earlobes is the right candidate for this procedure. But ensure to consult a reliable and experienced professional to receive the treatment.

What are the causes of ear lobe volume loss and fine lines?

  • The skin present on the ear is the same as other parts of the body but neglected even in applying normal skincare creams or sunscreen lotions. There will also be a natural loss of volume as we get older similar to our face. This mixture of wrinkles, sun damage, loss of collagen, and elasticity alters the shape of earlobes, expands them, and ultimately causes them to hang lower.
  • Neglecting the ear issues and not consulting any skincare specialists to find any rough or uneven pigmentations could lead to major issues shortly.
  • Wearing heavy earrings frequently will lead to the dragging of the piercing. This ultimately leads to the elongation of the hole and hanging earlobes. They could also lead to one more issue of thinning of the ear lobes. Hence it is always best not to wear larger-sized earrings if required, or only wear them for a shorter duration. Also, ensure to wear earring backing discs even for studs if you wear them regularly. This is important to keep the holes in proper strength and firmness for a longer time.
  • Make sure to remove earrings when you are at home or resting. Go for light ones regularly to avoid unnecessary stress on the earlobes and reserve the heavy ones for any special event.

Are dermal filler injections in the earlobe safe?

  • These filler injections are very safe when administered by an experienced and certified skin specialist with proven records. Such dermatologists who have been doing skin treatments for many years and would be aware of all the advanced treatment techniques in the industry. They will offer a customized treatment plan to suit your precise issue and provide you with all the guidelines to follow after the treatment. When you see the results fading off, you can revisit the specialist for treatment.
  • The majority of patients will see good results in just one treatment session, but a second session will provide the best results. The results will be temporary as in all other skin treatments, but they last for an average of a year and more in some cases.
  • To achieve a complete earlobe rejuvenation, many people will undergo a mixture of treatments along with fillers. This will be useful to effectively treat all other skin issues at the same treatment session of earlobe treatment. You could discuss your aesthetic goals with your doctor to provide you with a solid treatment plan.

Bottom line:

  • Earlobes lose collagen and elastin-like other regions due to aging factors, increased eating use, sun exposure. Sagging and stretched earlobes can be enhanced naturally by using hyaluronic acid fillers. But you should take care to ensure any cosmetic fillers should only be done by a professional injector who has undertaken extensive training in performing injectable procedures, like experts at After Glow aesthetic & wellness. Our physicians have extensive training and skill set in performing dermal filler injections for complete facial rejuvenation. We offer comprehensive and customized care to your requirements and suggest the best treatments / fillers in Tampa that are the best for you based on your goals.