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After Glow aesthetics & wellness specializes in anti-aging therapies by offering top-quality cosmetic and aesthetic injectables, including Xeomin/Dysport, Filler, Ultherapy, Radiesse, Sculptra, Booty Enhancements and PDO threading. We offer a maximum satisfaction guarantee and provide results that will meet your precise requirements and expectations.

Skincare routines and facial treatments are the commonly sought regimen to achieve younger looking, healthier skin. After Glow aesthetics & wellness customizes each facial treatment to best meet our clients’ needs. After Glow aesthetics & wellness estheticians are highly skilled in determining skincare routines along with recommending facials that will produce optimal results to suit each of our valued After Glow aesthetic & wellness clients needs. We are committed to accommodating our clients by offering flexible office hours. Facials and skin treatments can be scheduled to meet the demands of our clients’ busy schedules.

Hydrating the skin is crucial to achieve younger looking skin. The After Glow aesthetics & wellness Salt Facial Glow is relaxing, ultra-hydrating, and works to target environmental and other external factors that contribute to facial aging. This facial is the newest non-laser skin resurfacing treatment and uses a gentle approach to vacuuming the pores while simultaneously delivering hydrating, anti-aging serums to the skin. The medical-grade hydro-dermabrasion device carries out a three-part regimen of cleansing, exfoliating, and then infusing skin with intensive serums to add moisture and create plump healthy-looking skin. The spiralized treatment tips are equipped with LED lights to boost and lock in hydration leaving you with beautifully refreshed skin. When the skin is massaged, facial hydration improves blood circulation, glow, smoothness, and moisture of the skin.

What is Salt Facial Glow hydration?

Facial hydration is a treatment that uses salt combined with products to resolve dry, dull, and dehydrated skin. Not only does it hydrate the skin, but it also removes dead cells and cleanses the pores.

Who can get After Glow aesthetics & wellness facial?

Every skin type will benefit from the After Glow aesthetics & wellness Salt Facial Glow a hydrating facial with a few exceptions. If our clients are experiencing extreme skin conditions, skin disease, or are pregnant, we recommend waiting until those conditions are resolved before continuing a regular skin care regimen.

Specific benefits from having a After Glow aesthetics & wellness hydrate facial:

1) Get a refreshed and oil-free face.

Throughout the day, the skin is exposed to dirt, debris, and bacteria, which clogs the pores and leaves the surface looking dry. Cleansing and exfoliation as part of the process, allow your skin to “exhale” unwanted toxins making it ready to “inhale” the full benefits of the facial treatment. It rids your skin of dead skin cells, regenerating a fresh, new skin cell layer.

2) Experience exceptional “glow up”.

Being hydrated brightens your overall look. After Glow aesthetics & wellness  Salt Hydration treatment provides the nutrients your skin needs to achieve a revitalized glow. The procedure uses LED-light technology, which makes the skin more absorbent of the infused serums and keeps moisture locked in the skin

3) Younger Looking skin

Facial hydration uses hydrating, anti-aging serums which add volume to the clients’ skin. One of the essential functions of the serum in facial treatments is that it can penetrate the skin and deliver a high concentration of active ingredients deeper in the skin layers. Serums are lightweight, making it an excellent component for targeting specific skincare concerns like the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

4) Fair skin texture and tone

Uneven skin tones, dark and dry patches are removed through exfoliation. Exfoliation eliminates the superficial layer of the skin in which unwanted elements such as dead cells reside, revealing a new smooth, even and brighter skin layer.

5) Controls Oil

The oil in the skin makes the skin hydrated, but as the saying goes, too much oil can cause skin problems such as acne and pimples breakouts. Hydration helps control the excess oil in the skin, making your skin look fresh.

6) Boosts Confidence

Pampering yourself with facial treatments like facial hydrate will help maintain refreshed looking skin, making you always ready to go wherever and whenever. Nothing beats the confidence you earn from a fully rejuvenated skin!

Where Can I Get After Glow aesthetics & wellness hydrating facial?

Although face hydration is popular in the market, the best place to get this facial treatment done is at After Glow aesthetic & wellness. After Glow aesthetic & wellness treatments focus on providing the highest-quality anti-aging cosmetic and aesthetic injectables. These treatments include Botox/Dysport, Filler, Kybella, Sculptra, PRP/PRF, and PDO threading.

After Glow aesthetic & wellness value our clients by accompanying them in their skincare journey and achieving the look each client wants. After Glow aesthetics & wellness staff customize skin treatments and health plans that are best suited for each client. Procedures are performed by a group of highly skilled skin professionals, medical providers, medical assistants, and aestheticians. Contact After Glow aesthetic & wellness to schedule your After Glow aesthetics & wellness Facial today!